If you need some extra money for the trip you have always dreamed of or you simply want to buy yourself new clothes, makeup and other things and the only problem is that you do not know where to get this money, this is the right place for you. If you are willing to give up your free time and focus on earning that extra money, you will have no trouble getting what you want.The number one tip that you need to follow is to get a job that you can do in your free time (for example after school or on weekends), sell the stuff you no longer need, give lessons to people that need them, help your neighbors etc. Let’s start with getting a job that you will probably do a few times (hours) a week, but that will still give you that extra money you need. This will be nothing hard at all and you may have fun while doing it.

Delivering pizza sounds delicious, I mean interesting, and everybody can do it. You only need to have a driver license and be a good driver if you want to get money.

Everybody will give you tips and if you are kind and polite, this will be no problem for you at all. You may also want to start working as a waiter (waitress) and get experience with customers in this way.
Speaking of experience with customers, working as a bartender sounds good as well. As a teenager, you probably spend a lot of time just drinking in a bar, but this is how you will make money, but still spend time there.
You can begin delivering the newspaper, books etc. And the most important thing is that everybody can do this too and you will make people in your street love you because of your kindness. You can also ask your neighbors if they need you to do their shopping and get a lot of money in this way.

Keep in mind that another amazing way to earn money is to give lessons. In this way, you will use your skills to help other people learn something that you are already great at.

Remember that nobody wants to spend their money on expensive tutors and they would probably rather give that money to a teenager who needs it. Let’s say that you are an expert in English, just look around to see if anyone is asking for an English teacher or tutor. You will not even need to have the certification for this in most cases
. The good thing is that you can always do this online as well.
Do not be afraid to ask people around if they need someone to e.g. take care of their children, pets, etc. This will take you only a few hours, but it will mean a lot to those that you are helping, and they will know how to appreciate it by giving you the money you need.