Let’s say that you are a teenager who has no idea what to do with his life. You are on vacation, you have no obligations, you want to have fun and spend money or you want to be smart and save it, but you don’t have any. You are sick of listening to your parents yelling every time you ask them for money, and you finally want to do something about it. This is the right place for you. Here you can find so many easy and effective ways of making money (either online or not).Before you start doing anything, you must be ready to take it seriously and do everything you are supposed to and is asked from you to do.

Treat this like a real business and don’t be selfish when it comes to money because you may find it more effective when working with other people (for example your good friends). Of course, this means you will all need to split your money, but it also means that you will earn more money like this.
Begin with considering the basic jobs such as dog walking, babysitting, recording videos and uploading them online, helping your neighbors with different things, etc.

This may sound ridiculous and way too simple to get actual money for, but it is not. You know that everybody probably needs help with something, so don’t be afraid to offer your help.
All you need to do is show a little kindness and try to do this in the best way possible and never give up. Make sure you always remind and motivate yourself because your hard work is worth the money you need.If you want to earn more money read Wikipedia.

For example, you can ask your neighbors if you can clean their house along with your friends. You will take this as an adventure, make it fun and still get money for your work.

You can split the chores and let’s say that one of you cleans the windows, one does the vacuuming, one washes the dishes, one does the laundry, etc.
In this way, you will make your neighbors happy, and they will give you some extra money for sure, and if you do your work properly, they will call you again later because you have shown them that all this is worth their precious money.
You can also visit all houses in your street or even further away and take their trash. When you finish it, do not be afraid or shy to ask for a little money (perhaps a dollar) for your work. This will be very helpful to them, and they will see how kind and polite you are. Another amazing idea for earning money is washing these people’s cars. It is a job for both you and your friends because you don’t want to waste your whole day on this by doing it only by yourself. Do not forget about making your yard sale and getting money for the things you no longer need.